The Ultimate Guide to NPS (Net Promoter Score)

The Ultimate Guide to NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Ask the Ultimate Question – NPS the way to measure greatness

I’ve always disliked the traditional customer survey. The list of questions about how you use the service, the vague requests for “suggestions to improve”.

We decided early on that we wouldn’t bore our customers with yet another survey. We also knew that often the information gleaned from one of these surveys is rarely actionable.

There had to be a better way.

At MaxCDN, we began looking for an effective way to get great feedback from our customers. We found our solution in NPS.

But a short, three-minute YouTube video doesn’t quite do this system justice. At Advocamp 2014 I was lucky enough to be in the audience during Fred Reichheld’s (NPS inventor) talk.

I was blown away.

I quickly picked up a copy of his book and began implementing the system into our relationships with customers. Of course, being a performance junkies, we challenged our teams to take NPS a little further by turning the scoring system on our own employees.

This gives us an accurate picture of our team’s happiness the same way we might judge customer satisfaction. It’s been a huge help in retaining all the great talent here at MaxCDN

Reichheld’s classic book.

NPS Tools and Resources

Do yourself, your business, your customers, and your employees a big favor by implementing NPS into your business. With the right tools, this is actually pretty straightforward and, like anything, can be systematized. Use some of the following tools to set up periodic check-ins with your customers and team members.


NPS Tools and Resources - DelightedDelighted
Delighted gets a lot of great press. The interface is clean, keeps the feedback request simple, and is easy to set up.

NPS Tools and Resources - AskNicely

Ask Nicely
I don’t have any personal experience with the app, but I’ve heard very good things. Starts off with a free plan which can be great for anyone bootstrapped and making every penny count.

NPS Tools and Resources - PromotorPromoter
This our tool of choice here at MaxCDN, Promoter is purpose-built for gathering NPS data. I love the way this one works, really easy to customize for your own purposes.

NPS Tools and Resources - RetentlyRetently —
This is a comprehensive Customer Success tool and does a lot more than just measuring NPS. If you’re just getting started with customer success and want to kill several birds with one stone, this is the all-inclusive tool you’re looking for.

NPS Tools and Resources - FanexamFanexam –
This is an incredible light product. Use this to get NPS data on a single customer-facing website.

NPS Tools and Resources - PulsePulse —
Pulse helps you add in-app NPS questionnaires quickly, easily, and—believe it or not—freely. It has a free plan that lets you collect 50 responses from your NPS surveys. Great for gauging how you might use the metric as your app scales.

NPS Tools and Resources - Hello CustomerHello Customer —
While I don’t have any personal experience with Hello Customer, it looks like these folks provide some pretty great insights and analysis of your NPS scores. Nice if you want to get some actionable insights from your data, but aren’t ready for the all-inclusive tools like Retently.

NPS Tools and Resources - SatmetrixSatmetrix —
Once again, I don’t have much experience with this tool, but I love the screenshots. The analytics side of this looks like it would be super user-friendly.

NPS Tools and Resources - CustomerGaugeCustomerGauge —
CustomerGauge is a bit of a power house in the Net Promoter world. Their existing client list is almost as impressive as the product itself. If you’re a larger organization, these are the guys to check out.

NPS Tools and Resources - QeryzQeryz —
At first glance Qeryz looks more like a traffic analytics machine than a Net Promoter app. However, the product is primarily based on data gathered from NPS and combines it with other data to give you powerful customer success insights.

NPS Tools and Resources - WootricWootric —
Wootric, like some of the other apps listed, comes with an easily-integrated API. If you’re a technical organization and you know how to wield it, this API can make your life incredibly easy.

Take Action Today!

The power of NPS lies in it’s simplicity. Not only are customers more likely to respond, but it’s lightweight infrastructure means you’re more likely to implement it! So what are you waiting for? Use the tools above to set up an NPS workflow in you own business today!

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