About me

Growing up

I was a misfit growing up…

Just to give you an idea, I went to 13 different schools in total, until I completely dropped out of school. I went to the Arbeitsamt (employment agency) in Germany in the spirit of finding my calling and an ideal job. I looked through every possible type of job they had listed…But I hated all of them.

I was pretty lost for a while until a friend of mine reached out to me with a job proposal. I was really good with computers, so it was a great opportunity to start a business with him doing tech support for mid-sized businesses.

This changed everything!! I found my calling – Entrepreneurship

Startup life

I have been bootstrapping businesses for the past 20+ years and I must admit, it has been an amazing ride!

I have been bootstrapping businesses for the past 20+ years and I must admit, it has been an amazing ride!

I’m originally from Germany, but always had the dream of living in the States — Los Angeles in particular. I loved the city and was fascinated by the startup culture that was happening in the US.

Since nothing was happening on the startup front in Germany, I sold my e-commerce business in 2008. That way, I had enough money to get my investor visa for the US. Together with my wife and our two doggies, I moved to Los Angeles where I co-founded MaxCDN.

After a successful exit, we decided to move back to Europe to be close to family.

Managing Happiness

Applying business principles to our family life made me a better father, spouse and business leader.

As an entrepreneur, balancing my personal and professional life was a challenging task. But over the years, my wife Yurda and I perfected a system that allows us to lead a happy and fulfilling marriage while running a startup.

It worked so well for us that I became obsessed with sharing it with others.

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I’m back in business.

I’m back in business. After MaxCDN, I wanted a change and decided to focus on a people business (Talent as a Service) and not on tech/SaaS for a while. I started LTVplus (Live Chat Agents) with my business partner GQ and acquired TaskDrive (Sales Development as a Service) from my old business partner Samir.

I’m also an investor/advisor in several startups. You can find the list here.

Want to learn more about me? Check out my core values and the things I believe in.