I’m very happy to welcome Kim Walsh-Phillips to the Managing Happiness show! Kim is an incredible woman who has built a super successful business from scratch while raising her first daughter. She is an award-winning Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and CEO of Elite Digital Group. Get your daily dose of inspiration from her amazing story!

About Kim Walsh-Phillips

Kim Walsh-Phillips is an award-winning Speaker, Author, Podcaster, and CEO of Elite Digital Group, a direct-response social media agency. Kim has brought in more than a billion dollars through her clients with her laser focus on increasing their revenue through direct-response marketing.

She is the author of “No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing: The Ultimate No Holds Barred Guide to Producing Measurable, Monetizable Results with Social Media Marketing,” with Dan Kennedy.

Kim also leads the top-ranked podcast, “Facebook Sales Strategies,” on iTunes. She resides with her very tall husband, who is often asked to get things down from the ridiculously tall cabinets in their house, and their two glitter-and-all-things-pink-obsessed daughters, Bella and Katie, just outside of NYC.

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Time Stamped Show Notes

[00:15] – About Kim Walsh-Phillips

[00:50] – In the first 10 years of running her business, Kim struggled a lot to find customers. She would go to networking events and always compromise on the price of her services.

[02:04] – Kim had her first daughter Bella and couldn’t go to networking events anymore.

[02:30] – One evening, Kim’s bank informed her they wouldn’t cover her overdraft and she relied upon it for her payroll.

[03:15] – “I’m a woman of faith and I believe I was put in that situation on purpose so that something would change. I call it “my light moment”.”

[03:40] – Kim couldn’t just go to another event and hustle, she didn’t have any funds or inheritance or VC funding, so all she could do was pray.

[03:53] – A friend gave her Dan Kennedy’s book No B.S. Direct Response Marketing and this changed her life completely.

[04:27] – Dan’s book helped Kim increase her agency’s revenue 337% while working from home and taking care of her daughter.

[04:55] – Kim met Dan in person and he was so impressed how she implemented his strategies that they wrote the No B. S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing book together. This is Dan’s best-selling book of all time.

[05:25] – “My daughter’s birth not only was an incredible blessing because of the love and purpose it brought into my life but it also forced me to change the horror which was the way I operated my business.”

[07:30] – “My mission is to multiply the mission of other businesses by giving them the opportunity to reach the world with profitable marketing. It’s focused on my Why being their Why.”

[07:50] – Kim realized that her business’s success didn’t depend on her doing more of the same work. She had to change the way she operated her company.

“It wasn’t about me running faster up the mountain, or doing longer runs or getting better sneakers. I actually needed to find an entirely different path to get to the destination I was seeking. My goal and mission are to reach as many businesses as I can to tell them that story.”

[08:25] – She had a vision of reaching 10,000 businesses and showing them they could accomplish marketing without budget and resources and without having to bang their heads against the wall.

[09:30] – “We’ve already served in the last 90 days 6,200 people, so before the year is out I would have served that 10,000 that I didn’t even think it was possible. My goal is to meet and tell all of them so that they can go and tell others. Think about that butterfly effect.”

[09:53] – When we a light is shown in our lives of something that dramatically impacts us in a way that brings us peace and prosperity, it’s our responsibility to share it with other people so that they can have that same epiphany moment.

[10:52] – “For our family, my goal is to use my gifts to serve others so that they may be blessed and, in turn, serve others.”

[11:20] – “We were given incredible gifts that are truly unique to us. Truly unique. There’s a reason why our fingerprints are different.”

[11:39] – “We were each given incredible gifts that are meant to be part of an overall ecosphere. If we try to emulate someone else, we’re ignoring what we’re created to do, but if we can recognize what we are created to do and use that gift to serve others so that they can, in turn, serve others, we stop thinking of things like buying and selling and we start thinking of things as though all that we do to accomplish our entrepreneurial goals is to serve. It’s an incredible way to grow your empire in a way that’s built on trust and relationships versus transactions.”

[14:55] – “We only work on accounts that we’re willing to be a customer of, we’d donate our own money to or vote for. If we can’t say that about their business, we wouldn’t represent them. My staff can do the same thing.”

[16:07] – MaxCDN would let their employees vote if they would agree to have pornography companies as customers.

[17:10] – Kim has rejected many political campaigns and products that wanted her agency but didn’t relate to her purpose. She admits that money is important for her but it will never be her driver.

[18:28] – Kim got divorced after being married for 8 years. Her first husband wasn’t as driven and ambitious as her. Thus, she knew that if she would get married again, it would be a man who would appreciate her being a driven female entrepreneur. Her second husband is very supportive.

[20:10] – There still has to be one person in the marriage who’s the primary caretaker of the children. Kim’s that person in her family. The primary caretakes has to make sure he/she is always there for the children no matter what.

[22:56] – Never tell your kids you HAVE to go to work. Instead, explain that they will always be the most important thing to you but you are a multifaceted human and there are other things in life which are also important.

[25:20] – Kim’s has a 5-year-old and a 7-year-old.

[25:30] – Kim’s family core values are:

  • Love God.
  • Love your neighbor as yourself – everyone is equal and we should make them all feel loved and respected.

[26:26] – Kim teaches her children to be compassionate and not to feel entitled to what they have. Her daughters have 3 jars where they put their daily allowance – spending, saving and giving.

[28:05] – Kim uses reading before bedtime as a way to reinforce certain values in her daughters. She believes that storytelling is the best way to give lessons to your children.

[38:35] – Which are the 3 books that have influenced your life the most?

[31:15] – How do you deal with stress?

“My secrets to success are coffee, prayer, laughter and a great team.”

[32:05] – Being accountable helps Kim keep her stress level low. Her team and she have started a Google spreadsheet where everyone puts in their one personal goal to stay accountable to.

“I can lie to myself and give myself excuses but if I’m trying to be an example to my staff, it makes a big difference.”

[34:22] – Kim’s new podcast show is called The Morning Coffee Marketer.

[34:45] – Kim’s new book is called Game Changer and it tells you how to get 10,000 new real fans in 72 hours and turn them into your next cash-paying customers without a marketing budget.

[35:51] – Kim gets $7+ on every $1 she spends on her latest campaign. Her lesson learned is that giving people a measurable value upfront is a great way to win their trust and make them go through the entire buyer’s journey.

3 Key Points

  1. Sometimes the issue isn’t that you don’t work hard enough, it’s that you’re not doing the right thing.
  2. Each of us has been given unique talents and it’s our responsibility to use them to serve others.
  3. Stay true to your beliefs and deliver value to the world.

Resources Mentioned

Elite Digital Group – a direct response social media marketing agency

The Morning Coffee Marketer – a marketing podcast

Game Changer – a book by Kim Walsh-Phillips

No B.S. Direct Response Marketing – a book by Dan S. Kennedy

No B. S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing – a book by Dan S. Kennedy and Kim Walsh-Phillips

Facebook Sales Strategies – a podcast by Kim Walsh-Phillips

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