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Do you have the courage to follow your calling?

A few days ago, I was sitting on a white sandy beach in Bali with my daughter and wife. It was gorgeous, aside from the insane amount of plastic trash that was floating on the water and was also scattered all over the beach. But this is a topic for a different post.

This amount of plastic trash came out of the ocean within 3-4 hours.

Next to us on the beach was this couple that was being pitched by a jewelry merchant. The potential customer declined with the words, “I’m a poor musician from Germany. I don’t have money for this.”

Once the merchant left, I started a conversation with them. I asked him if he said that he was broke just to get rid of the merchant, or if he is really struggling. He told me that he used to manage a restaurant, made good money, but was miserable. He went on his first trip to Bali two years ago and decided to radically change his life. He called his boss and told him that he would not be coming back to work.

Not having a backup plan, not having money on the side.
He just quit… to follow his passion in Music.

His girlfriend took the same courageous plunge and quit her event management job to work in a bar until she could find her true calling. They are doing OK but are far from where they want to be. I deeply admire their courage!

When I meet somebody, I’m always following one of my family core values:

DELIVER VALUE: We enrich the lives of everybody we come in touch with.

I took out my coaching toolkit and gave them some pointers on how to better define his brand as a musician, came up with some growth strategies for them and made them overcome some limiting beliefs they had. It was great to witness their aha moments and to see them so enthusiastic about all the possibilities they suddenly saw during our conversation. Watching their transformation made me feel again what I’m most passionate about and reconfirmed why my personal mission statement is:

I’m a change agent who is transforming individuals and organizations so they can reach their full potential.

Over the years I found that this is what makes me the happiest!

But there is a small problem with this. The conversation at the beach reminded me of the struggle I have. Should I focus more on organizations (business focus) or individuals (personal development)?

If I would have as much courage as the couple at the beach, I may have picked individuals. Yet, I have chosen to stick with organizations. Being successful here seems easier and more within my comfort zone..

I’m curious to hear if you ever been to Bali or shared similar struggles and which decision you made in the end.

I’m a serial entrepreneur and I write about things I have learned along the way. I’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and executives to find success and harmony in business and in life.

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