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why marriages fail

Why Marriages Fail: 4 Tragic Reasons That Entrepreneurs Need To Be Aware Of

The blissful idea of a happily-ever-after almost seems like a myth in today’s world. CDC stats from 2014 show that 38.03% of marriages lead to a divorce (2, 140, 272 reported marriages and a staggering 813, 862 divorces). Entrepreneurs probably fare worse because they are ambitious, indulgent,
David Braun

EP. 2: How David Braun, CEO of TemplateMonster, is Managing Happiness

EPISODE 2 of the Managing Happiness Show! An interview with David Braun, a serial entrepreneur, CEO of TemplateMonster, and a happy father of 4 children. I’m very happy to present you the second guest of the Managing Happiness Show, David Braun. David is a Ukrainian public activist and a serial en
Syed Balkhi, CEO Awesome Motive

EP. 1: How Syed Balkhi, CEO of Awesome Motive (WPBeginner, Optinmonster, etc), is Managing Happiness

EPISODE 1 of the Managing Happiness Show! A fireside chat with Syed Balkhi – a serial entrepreneur, CEO of Awesome Motive, and a father of a 6-month-old. I’m very excited to tell you that the first episode of the Managing Happiness Show is live! Every week I’ll be sharing interviews with i
vision statement

How To Catapult Your Startup’s Success With Your Vision Statement?

I used to think that they are useless things that end up somewhere in a business plan or on a forgotten page on the website. But man was I wrong. Do you know one of the most critical and influential aspects that determine your success? Having the right Vision, Mission, and Core Values. I have experi

Managing Happiness : Course Summary

As an entrepreneur, balancing my personal and professional life was a challenging task. But over the years, my wife Yurda and I perfected a system that allows us to lead a happy and fulfilling marriage while running a startup. The key to our success was that we applied business principles to our rel

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